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Don't Just Settle for Another Predictable Job!

Reinvent Your Career

with Proven Ground-Breaking

A Free Training for Executives and Professionals
at the Times of Transition

with Misha Rubin
CEO of The Career Leap,
ex-Ernst & Young Partner
My mission is to help you make meaningful intentional changes in your career and life.

Transition, whether self-initiated or if you're pushed into it, create remarkable opportunities to rethink, reflect and reinvent.

This is the time to become more self-aware, make thoughtful decisions and take strategic actions.

This is why I designed this training.

Learn 3 Tools to

Reinvent Your Career

in 90 DAYS
without wasting time
pursuing predictably dreadful opportunities,
taking dead-end career detours and
spending years feeling unfulfilled
Join This Free Training And Learn How To:
Get radically clear about what you want and always make right-for-you career decisions

Discover hidden and unexpected career opportunities so you don't have to settle for yet another predictable position

Build a compelling personal brand story to attract right-for-you opportunities and be an attractive candidate
Testimonial: From Stuck to Thriving
A real story of how to reinvent oneself and make a Career Leap

What reinventing your career could mean for you and your life:
You nail your next career move and land the job you want

You live your life and do your work in alignment with your values.

You make the type of difference you know you should and you could

You are empowered to initiate change

You are a role model for your community and children how to live a purposeful life
Don't just settle for another predictable job!
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  Hi, I'm Misha.  
I am on a mission to help professionals find right-for-them paths, realize their full potential and thrive at work.

I spent 15 fruitful years at Ernst & Young, making Partner at that time. I was an advisor to hundreds of Wall Street executives, sold and managed hundreds of millions worth of projects, and guided countless professionals in their careers.

I know the challenge of finding worldly success while continuously seeking meaning and fulfillment. This pushed me to look for answers to important questions of purpose, fulfillment, and empowerment, and, most importantly, how to practically realize them in the workplace.

Since leaving my corporate career, I’ve dedicated my life to helping others discover their inner alignment and clarity, and pursue what's next for them.

This is why I am inviting you to join this free training.
Stuck, bored, but the paycheck was important
Alex M., NY, Banking, IT Executive
I’ve been lucky to have had a successful career, but in the recent years, I’ve become bored, unfulfilled and frankly hating every weekday morning. I knew the day would be filled with meaningless crisis, droning meetings, or an end-of-day deadline to fill out some gigantic spreadsheet.

After the program, I find myself suddenly excited with my career prospects ahead! I’m clear and confident about the next steps in my career - something I have not felt in a long time!
From confusion to clarity
Ina G., PA, Data Science Executive
Pandemic reshuffled a mix of my personal circumstances and priorities.  The Career Leap framework allowed to fit early open-ended exploration within a more structured approach and a sense of path, avoiding "analysis paralysis."

Misha has an exceptional ability at framing and formulating complex, fuzzy and unstructured matters. I wanted to thank Misha for all his help, facilitating exploration and revealing blind spots.
There is a method to discovering your passion
Anna S., 41, Connecticut, Architect
Misha allowed me to step away from 'my job as means of survival' mindset and recall what I am actually passionate about in life and in my career.

I've got back my spark, interest, and curiosity. As a result, several new work opportunities surfaced immediately and I'm currently pursuing them.
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